The United Nations (UN) defines a volunteer as a person who donates his/her time and knowledge to provide non-remunerated services for the community’s benefit.

Dentista do Bem is the volunteer who serves for free and is responsible for the entire patient’s dental treatment.

Latin America and Portugal
If you are a surgeon-dentist and want to be part of the largest specialized volunteering network in the world, providing free care to one or more adolescents in your office, fill out the form (in Portuguese), sign and forward it (scanned by email, fax or mail) to TdB.

If you are interested in our projects but don’t live in Latina America or Portugal, please sign your email and we will be in touch showing how you can be part of TdB.
Rua Sousa Ramos, 311 – Vila Mariana – São Paulo – SP
Zip code: 04120-080 – Phone: +55(11) 5084-7276 / Fax: 5084-1399