Tá Rindo de Quê?

It  is the sixth documentary produced by TdB. Filmed between 2011 and 2012, it denounces the lack of access of oral hygiene kit (toothbrush, paste and floss) and how it sets up a serious public health problem. The goal is to expand the discussion on the topic. Narrated by actor Tarcisio Meira, the documentary includes scenes of fiction interpreted by actors Angela Dip, Ilana Kaplan, Marcelo Mansfield and Rodrigo Lopez.


Directed by Caio Leão and Ligia Feliciano Screenplay: Caio Leão Edition: Nani Garcia Graphic Design: Renata Melleu Narration: Tarcísio Filho Cameo: Angela Dip (Leila), Ilana Kaplan (Célia Regina), Marcelo Mansfield (Dr. Otacílio), Rodrigo Lopez (Helinho Stefanello) Stand Up Team: Léo Grego (fotografia), Renato Apdo, Dinah Jasmine Friedmann, Vanderlei Sena Siva Photography (Goiás): Humberto Bassaneli Music Sync: Input/Artesonora Produced by TdB – Turma do Bem Year: 2012 Duration: 12’27”

Lá e Cá


“Lá e Cá” is the first TdB documentary in Portugal. It was produced in support with EDP Foundation in 2011. It relates the story of a 12 years old girl -Alicia- who suffered serious oral diseases and needed an immediate and deep treatment.


Directed by Ligia Feliciano Argument: Fabio Bibancos Photography: André Costa Edition: Nani Garcia Graphic Design: Amir Admoni Screenplay: Ligia Feliciano e Nani Garcia Produced by Mina Digital Executive Production: Caio Leão, Ricardo Correa e Leonardo Ganzarolli Filmed in Lisbon and São Paulo Year: 2011 Format: 16:9 Duration: 18min.

Festa do Biscoito

The commitment of a dentist in Santa Rita de Caldas catches the attention to all the other professionals in the region and inspires them to join the project DENTISTA DO BEM and assist for free poor children in the cities of Caldas, Poços de Caldas e Sta. Rita de Caldas, in Minas Gerais.

Produced by Produtora Associados and Turma do Bem Direção João Carvalho Concepts, Interviews e Voice-over Fábio Bibancos General Production Leonardo Ganzarolli Production on Location Viviani Guimarães Barbosa Cinematographer Victor Reis Boom Operator and Sound Mixer Rodrigo Macedo Editing Rafael Carvalho André Baltrusaitis Production Coordinator Amanda Rossi Post-Production Casablanca Final Editor André Baltrusaitis Editor Quantel Henry Vitor Pastana Santana Sound Editor and Composer Banda Sonora Dentistas Entrevistados Carmelita Maria Honres Luiz Antonio da Silva Geraldo Nascimento Junior Andreia Cristina de Couto Danilo Coimbra Assis Viviane Guimarães Barbosa Rita de Cássia Rodrigues
Year 2008 Duration 11’50’’


The documentary BocadaMata was shot in the State of Amapá and portrays the difficulties of children in getting high-quality odontological treatment in one of the most difficult access region in the country. Little Jéssica is the protagonist of a story about redeeming her self-steam and oral health through a free treatment by DENTISTA DO BEM.

Produced by BiokamProduções and Turma do Bem Partner Teleimage Directed by Andre Ferezini Concept and Interviews Fábio Bibancos Cinematography and Editing Victor Reis Boom Operator and Sound Mixed Rodrigo Macedo Production Coordinator Daiz da Silva Nunes (Dentist for Good) Production Luciano Teixeira and Leonardo Ganzarolli (Dentist for Good) Visual Programming Estudio Colirio After Effects Diogo Dias de Andrade Composer Guga Bernardo Sound Track Production Marco Boaventura Produced by Trilha Original Produções Musicais Final Song ORIKI Composer Eduardo Agni Choir Infantil Directed by Mara Campos Digitalized by  Teleimage General Manager Patrick Siaretta Post-Production Marcelo Siqueira, ABC Business Manager Jerome Merle Atendimento Comercial Ariadne Mazzetti Coord. De Pós Produção Karina Vanes e Mariana Zdravca Colorista Luciano Guimarães Post-Production Assistant Elton Leandro, Raiser Vargas, Paola Baldi Motion Designers Ariel Wollinger Marcelo Fernandes e Vanderson Feitosa Year 2007 Duration 13’11’’

Dente por Dente

TdB’s first short-cut tells the story of Alex, a poor kid who never smiles due to his damaged teeth. One of his teachers forwards a letter to TdB, after that his life turns around. The documentary portrays the prejudice against people who do not have healthy teeth.

Produced by BiokamProduções and Turma do Bem Partner DOCDigital (Dentistry and Radiology documentation) Vitória Hotéis and Método-Prótese Dental Directed by Davi Moori Screenwriting and Interviews Fábio Bibancos Editing and Post-Production Analke Ferezini and Davi Moori Câmera Rodolfo Figueiredo Still photographer Gilvan Teixeira Composer Eduardo Queiroz Produção Ana Moori and Mauricio de Oliveira Mota General Assistant Leonardo Ganzarolli
Year 2006 Duration 6’42’’

Boca a Boca

The film created and produced by TdB settles a discussion about the bad condition of Brazilians oral health and how it interferes in their basic urge, like smiling, eating and kissing.

The footage portrays the impact of Brazilians oral health in general, emphasizing its way of exclusion and breakdowns. Its goal is to affect opinion makers and insert the subject in their agenda. The documentary features the special actress Lu Grimaldi and the singer Guilherme Arantes. The film was shown in more than 200 cities of Brazil, and Latin America, in sessions organized by the voluntary dentists of project DENTISTA DO BEM.

Directed by Marcio Werneck Estudio ou production company Divina Imagem Produções Executive Producer Luci Mara Modesti Montejane Production Manager Amanda Rodrigues Screenwriter Eliana César Director of Photography Zé Mario Fontoura Art Director Maurílio Dias, Paulo Pansani and Sírio Braz elenco Lu Grimaldi and Guilherme Arantes Composer Guilherme Arantes Sound Track Composer Erico Theobaldo Sound Editor Erico Theobaldo Assembler Cristian Bueno Poster Designer Claudia Liz Year 2009 Duration 58min