Says a legend when a child loses a tooth, the child should put it under the pillow. So, when evening comes, a fairy come to visit, exchanging it for a coin. Thus, a new tooth will grow in place … and that other one will turn into a beautiful star in the sky.However, it turns out that the lives of many children is not a fairy tale.

In Latin America, millions of them have never been to the dentist. Boys and girls who can´t smile and are in pain, because they can´t pay for a particular treatment and don´t have access to the public service.

That could change. Rather, is already changing.

The Dentists of Turma do Bem provides full and free dental treatment for young people aged 11 to 17 years, throughout Brazil, Latin America and Portugal. More than 15,000 volunteer dentists who work tirelessly to return more smiles to the world. They are the largest network of specialized volunteer on the planet.

And now, you can also help. It’s very simple. Just click the link below and make a donation to Turma do Bem keep serving thousands of youth around the world.


Help us to create a world where everyone can smile.


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Para se tornar mantenedor da Turma do Bem através de um patrocínio institucional, entre em contato diretamente conosco pelo telefone: +55 11 5084-7276.

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