Starting on April, 2010, the project Assistente do Bem provides a free technical course on Oral Health Assistance (ASB, in Portuguese) for young people who had seen a Dentista do Bem. The goal is to promote professional and personal development, and prepare them to providing odontological services.

The pilot project has started in São Paulo (BRA) with a presence-based course for 24 students.

In 2011, with the first group success, J.P Morgan became partner of the project. Afterward, we created the Long-Distance Assistente do Bem. Volunteer dentists from all around Brazil have become tutors of 290 students with semi-presence theoretical and practical classes, which happened by the Internet in their offices.

Nowadays, the project continues with a periodic psychosocial follow up of the beneficiaries, focused on profesional and academic placement.

This way, the development and social inclusion cicle is closed, which starts with the mouth and ends with the teenager ready for the job market.