In 2006, Dr. Fábio Bibancos, volunteer president of TdB, was recognized as a social entrepreneur of the year by Schwab Foundation due to the creation of the project Dentista do Bem (Dentist for Good). The award is offered in Brazil in partnership with Folha de São Paulo newspaper.

About Schwab Foundation:

Schwab Foundation is a nonprofit organization renowned worldwide, with head office in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1998 by Klaus Schwab, mentor of the World Economic Forum, and his wife, Hilde, the entity identifies and promotes the exchange of know-how among leading social entrepreneurs, including them in the network of global leaders of the Forum, with representatives from business, politics and media area, among others. Its main goal is to guarantee a global level in order to promote social entrepreneurship, which is essential for an innovative, effective and sustainable solution for the social problems in the world. Seeking to boost changes, Schwab Foundation has created a global network of leading entrepreneurs. Present in all continents, the organization has already selected other leaders from several organizations around the world for its own social network.

In 2007, we were once again recognized by our work on the project Dentista do Bem. Ashoka gave Dr. Fábio Bibancos the title of fellow for his work and highlighted the project together with social entrepreneurs around the world.

About Ashoka:

Ashoka is a nonprofit global organization, ground-breaking in working and supporting social entrepreneurs – people with creative and innovative ideas able to provoke changes, resulting in a great social impact. Founded 25 years ago by the American Bill Drayton, Ashoka had its first operational focus in India. Present in 60 countries and in Brazil since 1986, Ashoka is a pioneer in creating concept and role models of social entrepreneurship as a field of work. All Ashoka’s social entrepreneurs are part of a worldwide network of information exchange, collaboration and spreading of projects currently composed by thousands of fellows located in different countries where the organization operates. In Brazil, the network is composed by about 250 social entrepreneurs.