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The Apolônias do Bem Project offers free and integral dental treatment to women who experienced situations of violence and had their teeth affected during the aggressions.

Since 2012, when it began to be developed, it has already guaranteed service to 1000 women, both gender and transgender from all over Brazil. Beneficiaries are selected through screening, when they undergo a rapid, non-invasive oral examination, and respond to OHIP (Oral Health Impact Profile), a scientific tool that measures the impact of oral health on the quality of life of a person.

Priority is given to women with the most severe dental problems and the highest OHIP, who support the family and have resumed their studies or are taking professional training courses.

The treatments are offered through a network of voluntary dentists, who perform all the procedures women need, regardless of the complexity presented. Once in the program, the beneficiaries and the professionals that attend them are accompanied by the employees of the Turma do Bem until the treatments finish.

Why Apolônias?

A historical person, Apolonia lived in Alexandria and died in 248 d.C., after being arrested, beaten and her teeth broken and torn. With this project, TdB takes dental care for today’s apolonies, which also mark the violence on their faces.

How to become a beneficiary?

1. When contacting the TdB or a volunteer and ask for treatment. You´ll be asked for a B.O. (Occurrence Report) of the aggression suffered, there will be an interview (Skype or in person) and the clinical examination.

2. By means of screenings in support houses for victims of violence carried out by the TdB.

3. Through the screening of women from the Courts of Justice or Specialized Commissions of the Courts, according to the protocol signed by each partnership.

Be a dentist of an Apolonia!

If you are a dentist and want to help women who are victims of violence to smile again by attending your office free of charge, please fill out the form below.

In case of doubts please contact:


Phone: +55 11 5084-7276


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