Estudante do Bem (Student of Good) is the TdB project that mobilizes students of dentistry that evidence the dental reality of children and teenagers of low income all over Brazil.

Promoted since 2012, the project, which has already had the participation of more than two thousand students, proposes a contest of panels of photos and videos among all the enrolled. The finalists participate in the training and awarding of Melhor Dentista do Mundo (World´s Best Dentist) during Sorriso do Bem (Smile of Good) event.

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Luis Eduardo Genaro, from Araraquara/SP, Brazil, was the author of the best work of 2018.

Check the panels for other years:

Manual do tutor Felipe Ivo Souza da Costa (São Paulo/SP)

Manual do tutor Luan Machado Rosseto (Adamantina/SP)

Manual do tutor Laura Lepesqueur Colcerniani (Brasília/DF)

Manual do tutor Diego Batista da Silva (Taguatinga/DF)

Manual do tutor Marcilene de Melo Bernardo (Manaus/AM)

Manual do tutor Monah Sampaio Santos (Salvador/BA)

Manual do tutor Renata Silveira Sagnori (Ubatuba/SP)

Manual do tutor Sheyla Porto Alves (Brasília/DF)

Manual do tutor Tâmara Jaqueline B. de Jesus (Manaus/AM)

Manual do tutor Tamea Lacerda Monteiro (Belém/PA)

Manual do tutor Thais Pedroso Mendes (Taguatinga/DF)