Environmental awareness is directly related to social responsibility. With the Dentista Verde (Green Dentist), TdB mobilizes the volunteers of the Project Dentist of Good, and the entire dental class, on the environment issue. For this reason, Turma do Bem, under voluntary consultation of the environmentalist Fábio Feldmann, developed the Green Dentist Manual.

Ovikmunizur challenge with publishing is to encourage a critical eye, capable of questioning old habits, discovering more intelligent ways of relating to the environment around us, and reducing the environmental impact of our professional activity.

Another goal of the project is to encourage the dentist to take advantage of his or her role of opinion maker to influence the patient about the importance of selective collection. He even encourages practice in his own office by collecting empty toothpicks and used toothbrushes.

The result of the first collection was destined to the making of a work by the voluntary plastic artist Vik Muniz to stimulate the reflection of the society on the garbage produced (photo).