We understand that the 48.000 plus cases promoted by the project Dentista do Bem will not solve the lack of general access to dentistry. That’s why TdB is expanding its field.Aligned with the mission of transforming society’s perception on the issue of oral health by promoting access solutions to dental care, the organization now works to also impact public policies in the field of dentistry. And that means not only ensuring access to quality dental care. The problem starts before that: part of the population does not even have access to a oral hygiene kit (toothbrush, paste and floss).

Therefore, the goal is to go beyond the healing work developed by the Dentista do Bem: expose the problem, open the eyes of the population, placing the issue on the public agenda and pressure politicians to act.


Mayors Pact

The first coordinated action in the area was a national mobilization, in which the project coordinators of Dentista do Bem proposed to mayors candidates ​​ to sign a covenant in favor of oral health: the Mayors Pact.

It is a moral commitment, documented and photographed, by which the candidate for mayor commitment to develop and enact laws that guarantee universal access to dentistry, both as preventive and curative in their cities.

Results: In all, 240 candidates from 109 cities joined the movement. A number that, if turning into practical actions in all cities, may benefit more than 33 million people.



Another action that has been developed is the proposal and approval of bills idealized by TdB, both addressing the universal kit oral hygiene.

In eight cities, one or more projects have been approved. This ensures a direct impact on more than 200.000 people.