Entrepreneur of the Year

In 2006, Dr. Fabio Bibancos, president of TdB, was recognized as a social entrepreneur of the year by the Schwab Foundation for the creation of the project Dentista do Bem – Dentist of the Good. The award is offered in Brazil in partnership with the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo.

About the Schwab Foundation

The Schwab Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1998 by Klaus Schwab, the entity identifies and promotes the exchange of know-how among prominent social entrepreneurs. Its goal is to provide a worldwide platform for promoting social entrepreneurship as a key element in the search for an innovative, effective and sustainable solution to social problems in the world.









Title of Fellow

In 2007, we received another recognition for the work of Dentista do Bem – Dentist of the Good project. Ashoka gave the fellowship to Dr. Fábio Bibancos for his work, highlighting the project with social entrepreneurs around the world.

About Ashoka

It is a worldwide, non-profit organization, pioneering work and support for social entrepreneurs – people with creative and innovative ideas capable of bringing about transformations with broad social impact. Created 25 years ago by the North American Bill Drayton, it has been in 60 countries and in Brazil since 1986.






Salesforce Foundation

Salesforce also supported the Turma do Bem in recognition of the work and social impact made since its inception – donated our OSCIP platform in 2007.

About Salesforce

It is an innovative company that develops software specially focused on customer relationship management. Through it, important business data and information is tracked and stored in a cloud, without the need for IT technicians.








Oral Health Award

In 2011, Turma do Bem received the Oral Health Award, in the Social Solidarity category, for the work of the Dentist of the Well program in Portugal.


About Award

It is an annual initiative of the Portuguese magazine Saúde Oral and the IFE Group – International Faculty for Executives, which aims to reward the best practices in Portuguese dental medicine.






Epic Foundation Award

In 2015, Turmo do Bem received recognition from the Epic Foundation as a high social impact organization with a focus on children and adolescents, thus entering its portfolio of the world’s most significant institutions, endorsed by the United Nations.

About Epic Foundation

Founded in 2014 by American philanthropist Alexandre Mars, Epic links donors and civil society organizations with a focus on underprivileged youth.






Visionaris – UBS Social Entrepreneur Award

Dr. Fábio Bibancos won the Social Entrepreneur award of the year 2016, as support and promotion of social development.

About Visionaris – UBS

The association of USB, one of the first banks to dedicate itself to global philanthropy, with Ashoka, a non-profit organization and pioneer in supporting social entrepreneurs, has generated Visionaris, an award that aims to collaborate with social entrepreneurs around the world.











Best NGOs in Brazil

Turma do Bem won the “Best NGOs in Brazil” award in 2017, in an event created by the Doar Institute and the magazine ÉPOCA. Altogether, 100 most important organizations were selected from among the more than 300 thousand active in Brazil.

About the award

The initiative aims to value entities that stand out for working for society with good management practices and transparency, as well as encouraging the culture of donation in the country.







Best Initiative in Social Action

In 2018, Turma do Bem received from Fundación MAPFRE the award as recognition of its contribution to projects to improve the integration and quality of life of disadvantaged groups.

About MAPFRE Foundation

Non-profit institution that promotes and develops activities of general interest of the society. The evaluation of the prize takes into account factors such as innovation and the possibility of application in different locations around the world, and has the seal of the Queen of Spain.