How Turma do Bem was born

In 1995, Dr. Fábio Bibancos wrote his first book, Um Sorriso Feliz para seu Filho (A Happy Smile to Son), with a focus on preventing dental problems. During the launch, he was invited to give lectures in private schools and then in public schools, where the mothers showed the serious oral situation of the children. In these places, dental prevention was no longer useful. It was then that he decided to unite 15 colleagues and, together, began to attend some cases in their offices free of any charge. Thus emerged the innovative idea that today has become the largest specialized network of volunteers in the world: o Dentista do Bem  (The Dentist of Good).

In 2002, with the significant increase of dentists, TdB was officialized and received certification from the Ministry of Justice as OSCIP.

And, today, he has also published the books A Guerra dos Mutans (The War of the Mutans), Boca! (Mouth!), Sorrisos do Brasil (Smiles of Brazil), Sorrisos Insanos (Insane Smiles) and O Pequeno Palácio do Sorriso (The Little Smile Palace).