Dentista do Bem (Dentist of Good) is the main program of TdB, and counts on the voluntary work of dental surgeons who attend in their own clinic children and young people of low income between 11 and 17 years, providing free dental treatment until they turn 18. Today, it is the largest specialized volunteer network in the world.

Patients are selected by degree of necessity, which is determined by a screening performed in schools of the public network or social institution. Young people and children with serious oral problems, the most needy and close to the first job have priority in care.

The treatment, performed in the office of the volunteer dentist himself, is curative, preventive and educational. The Dentista do Bem program has volunteers spread across 1303 Brazilian municipalities, 12 Latin American countries and Portugal. The TdB office connects all those involved in the program (the young beneficiary, his family, the school and the volunteer surgeon) and also the follow-up of care.

Check here if your dentist is a Dentista do Bem.